From Our Security Team

Elm Grove Residents:

This is a Crime Watch notification for your village.

Due to the recent increase in burglary of motor vehicles in Kingwood, our security and crime watch team has offered some safety tips that might assist in preventing you and your family from becoming a victim of this and other neighborhood crimes.

1. Keep your car doors locked AT ALL TIMES.

2. Park your cars and trucks in the garage whenever possible, and in your driveway as a second choice. The closer to the garage the better.

3. Do not leave any valuables in your vehicle, especially in the front or back seat where they are in plain sight.

4. Keep a porch or security light on at night, criminals hate light.

5. Keep your garage doors down at all times, do not advertise your wares.

6. Use your car alarm or theft deterrent system.

Record serial numbers of property you may leave inside your vehicle. If stolen, it makes easier to identify a suspect and you may have a slim chance of getting your property back.

8. Be aware of your surroundings and be a nosy neighbor. If you see something you do not like, a suspicious vehicle or individual in your neighborhood, call HPD Dispatch at, 713-884-3131.

Remember, THIS IS YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD; YOU are responsible for the security and protection of your home. If you are a victim of crime, call the police and make a report. Keep the case # the officer gives you and file a crime watch report via the HOA website and include the case number. The only way these suspects can be held responsible for their criminal activity is for, YOU, to help in making sure they are caught. The main way to do that is to make a police report. If you can get on social media, you can call HPD. It is the responsibility of the 1452 homeowners in our village to help make Elm Grove a safer place to live.

Remember that YOU are an important partner in the fight against crime!